All students have the opportunity to compete in our Engineering Design Challenge. Each quarter we choose one winner that will receive a $250 gift card and a letter of recommendation for college applications. Winners will be announced on our website and in our weekly newsletter. We will notify the winner through email.


The lessons and activities you will complete through Engineering Expectations Academy will walk you through the design process. You get to choose the problem or felt need you will work on for the duration of the course.

Then, you will need to write a problem statement, define the functional requirements, select a final design, and document a test plan. Don't worry, just follow our lessons and activities because it will walk you through each of these requirements.

One of the last activities will be to complete a presentation and submit it for our design challenge. Use the template slides below for either PowerPoint or Keynote, they are both the same design.


  • Complete all Engineering Expectations Activities & Lessons
  • Use the slide template below (for either PowerPoint or Keynote) to create a presentation for your design (save a copy of the template so you can edit the slides)
  • Your presentation must include: a problem statement, functional requirements, final design description, and test plan
  • Maximum 5 slides
  • Q2 Challenge Due Date: June 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET
  • Email your presentations to
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